Partner Visa:Serkan&Patricia

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NAME-SURNAME : Serkan – Patricia

VISA TYPE : Partner Visa (Subclass 100)


We seeked professional assistance as we found the visa application paperwork & process to be quite confusing & lengthy.

We needed someone who could help clarify what we had to do, what information & papers we needed to include & make the process easier for us.

We chose to use the agent services provided by Ms Yildirim as after speaking both on the telephone & our initial interview appointment we found that she obviously had expert knowledge & experience.

She explained thoroughly with what we would have to do & how she would guide us through each step of the whole visa application process.  We trusted her completely.

The visa application process for Australia is not easy.

Ms Yildirim & her office staff always made themselves available to assist us throughout the time it took us to gather our paperwork, hand in our application & the waiting period.

The application process was so much clearer & less stressful with all the expertise, knowledge & information we were continually offered.

Our phone calls were always answered & emails always responded to on the same day – (sometimes numerous times in a day as we needed).

Whenever we visited the office we were always welcomed & made to feel comfortable.  It was a relief to know that we could always count on Ms Yildirim & her staff to clarify anything for us.

The time lines, the expected process of what occurs when handing in the visa application to the AUS embassy & approximate waiting period of the visa approval given by Ms Yildirim were all realistic & accurate.

The care & assistance with our file did not stop after we forwarded it to the Australian Embassy either.

Ms Yildirim kept in constant contact with us until we received the confirmation of Serkan’s visa approval, which was reassuring during the waiting period. We then met with Ms Yildirim after his visa approval to discuss what we had to do next once we arrived in Australia which once again provided us with much informative assistance.

I would highly recommend the use of Ms Yildirim’s (MARA) migration agent service to anyone seeking the utmost professional assistance and added peace of mind with the Australian visa application process.

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